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Maintenance for industrial and commercial pumps must not be overlooked. While some businesses have a maintenance plan in place, others do not. Pumps are key components in many operations and can often be the difference between a business running smoothly or grinding to a halt.


  • Inspection – The process of early detection of potential problems to identify leaks, cracks, or other damage prevent the need for costly and unplanned maintenance and repairs.
  • Cleaning – Routine cleaning to remove unwanted debris or contaminants extend the life, efficiency and performance of pump system applications to prevent inconvenient downtime and potentially costly failures.

  • Lubrication – It is of principal importance to regularly lubricate pumps so as to reduce wear and tear on the pump parts. High quality lubricants specifically designed for each pump and their proper application is also a key component for maintaining the performance of any pumping system.

As the leading pump maintenance company in the area, Industrial Pump Solutions is a professionally licensed company expertly qualified for the regular care of intricate pumping systems. Our Pump Maintenance Programs are designed to help extend the life of your pumps and avoid costly system repairs. We offer annual, bi-annual, quarterly or even monthly services contracts to keep your pumps operating at premiere performance levels.

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We have an experienced expert staff dedicated to the design and installations of the most efficient and serviceable pumps in the industry. We are trained to help you select the proper pumps and components for your specific application. For solutions with maintaining your equipment for maximum performance, IPS is ready and able to provide service and fast parts supply.

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