Municipal Pump Installations

Municipal pumps are for drinking water, irrigation, sewage treatment, and stormwater management.

Municipal wastewater pumps, also known as sewage pumps, transport not just raw sewage but also sludge, stormwater, and treated wastewater from water treatment plants. They frequently transfer extremely contaminated fluids containing abrasive and caustic particulates.

Pumps designed and engineered to service Municipal markets occupy and operate on a much larger scale than those in the commercial or industrial sectors.  These are larger, more expensive, and have considerably higher standards for implementation.  Because they are in service to the public, their failure can result in extensive damage to infrastructure that affects thousands or even millions of people.

Installations are often coupled with larger commercially driven projects such as with new real estate projects that require water supply access and/or for the evacuation of wastewater or stormwater to a treatment plant.  These installations require time as well as extensive design, engineering, and project planning.

In Municipal operations, pumps cannot go offline without causing considerable inconvenience or potential harm even to the general public.  For this reason maintenance, repair, or replacement efforts must be planned so as to minimize any impact or affect during downtime.

Our team of highly trained and educated technicians have experience working under the most difficult of circumstances and in working on Municipal projects.  IPS is able to perform maintenance, repair and replacement services on a variety of pumps and municipal fluid displacement systems.  

We can also assist your city in keeping up with the necessary maintenance to keep its pumping systems functioning smoothly. We will assess and build a Planned Maintenance Program based on the requirements of your pumping system.

Give IPS a call today.  We look forward to helping you maintain and deliver the services on which your townspeople rely.

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At industrial Pump Solutions, we pride ourselves on how we approach each company, facility, and pump. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution, so we custom-tailor our approach and estimates to fit your needs. By cataloging each pump, we ensure we have a full view of every issue to create a detailed action plan. We diagnose every possible compromise to your operation. Our free estimates contain a meticulous protocol for each pump system. Our execution allows your facility, business, or impact within your industry to go unencumbered.


By Identifying every potential risk to your pump system, we can bring your pump technology up to our standards.


Having the experience to see the risks allows you to have peace of mind for your pumps.


We offer free estimates for every pump that is or has the potential to become compromised.


Our performance and execution match our years of experience for each pump type.

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We have an experienced expert staff dedicated to the design and installations of the most efficient and serviceable pumps in the industry. We are trained to help you select the proper pumps and components for your specific application. For solutions with maintaining your equipment for maximum performance, IPS is ready and able to provide service and fast parts supply.

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